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Maglite XL50 LED Spectrum

# XL50 15 day production time50.50 - 53.2545.45 - 47.93 | Min Qty 48

The lights will always have a black barrel. Choose a blue, green, red or warm white light. The color of the tail cap matches the color of the light beam. It is a compact, pocket-size design with a one-handed quick click on/off button. Three light modes; bright and low power (25%) and emergency safety strobe. It comes with three AAA batteries packaged in a black presentation box. Choose the color of light for the job at hand: Blue - Low-light map reading - preferred light by pilots or truckers. Forensic personnel/crime scene technicians or hunters - use to detect bodily fluids. 61 Lumens/109M Distance. Green - Great for the outdoors - animals, insects and fish typically do not react to it. Protects your night vision and avoids eye strain. Green LED flashlights can be seen up to one mile away. 143 Lumens / 186M Distance. Red - Protects night vision and enhances contrast. Great for aircraft cockpits, truck cabins, confined spaces. 114 Lumens / 140M Distance. Warm White - Best source for most applications, as it reduces eye strain and makes colors look more natural. Preferred light for electronic technicians as it allows them to see details on wires/cables. It is a natural light similar to the sun's rays. 140 Lumens / 186M Distance.
No LTM availableGift box size 6-3/4" W x 3-1/4" D x 1" H

  • Aluminum

Imprint Methods Available
  • Standard: Laser Engraved

Imprint Size
  • Standard: 1.75" W x 5/16" H Front
  • Optional: 1-3/4" W x 5/16" H Back

Standard Packaging
  • Black Maglite Gift Box
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